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Three simple oscilloscope hacks you can't live without

In this video, Keysight take a quick minute to cover three oscilloscope hacks used on a regular basis.

How to increase your signal analyser's dynamic range

No matter the signal type, whether it be simple CW signals or complex digitally-modulated signals, every signal has some amount of distortion.
1st August 2018

The ABCs of EMC: why should you care about EMC testing?

 There are several types of interference, and they all have the potential to disrupt our electronic devices. Interference can come from a variety of sources that may cause undesired effects such as electromagnetic interference or EMI; or even physical damage to your device.
18th July 2018

How to make occupied bandwidth measurements

What bandwidth does your signal occupy? Determining whether or not your W-CDMA signal is distorted in any way can give you qualitative insight into your device’s transmitter operation.
14th June 2018

How to make burst power measurements

Is your power leaking into other channels? Measuring power from a device that is transmitting continuously is pretty straightforward, but measuring power from a device that is transmitting in bursts can be much more complicated.
23rd May 2018

How to make complementary cumulative distribution function measurements

When designing components for wireless digital communication systems, it is important to be able to accurately measure their signals which have higher peak-to-average power ratios than their analogue counterparts.
16th May 2018

Probing pitfalls: How to calibrate your oscilloscope probe and why

If you don’t calibrate your probe to the oscilloscope input you are using, you could be introducing significant skew and amplitude error to your measured waveform.
14th May 2018

Probing pitfalls: How to decrease noise in your signals

Are you having trouble getting some of the noise out of your measurements? Did you know the fix could be as simple as using a different probe? Learn about the noise sources in your probe and oscilloscope, and how to decrease the affect they have on your signal.
8th May 2018

How to make Spectrum Emissions Mask measurements

Spread spectrum signals such as wireless LAN, LTE, and W-CDMA all have strict emissions standards.
2nd May 2018

What the RF: What is spectrum and spurious emissions?

In this episode of What the RF (WTRF) Nick discusses what spectrum and undesired, out of band spurs are.
25th April 2018

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