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How to measure the time constant with an oscilloscope

Measuring the time constant with an oscilloscope is easy. Simply make a quick calculation and a cursor measurement. To measure the time constant of an RC circuit or an RL circuit with an oscilloscope, pick two reference points on an edge of your signal and see how long it takes to grow/decay 63.2%.

Time domain vs. frequency domain, what’s the difference?

In this episode of What the RF (WTRF), Nick goes into detail on the difference between the time domain and frequency domain and demonstrates both on an oscilloscope and signal analyser respectively.
15th February 2018

What is a spectrum analyser and what measurements you can make?

Learn what a spectrum analyser is and the various measurements you can make with one. What is a spectrum analyser and what measurements can it make? A spectrum analyser displays received signals with respect to amplitude vs. frequency. This is called frequency domain analysis.
31st January 2018

What is crosstalk and how to identify it with an oscilloscope?

What is crosstalk and why do I care about it? Crosstalk is interference on a signal from another signal. Any signal could interfere with another if a board layout is too crowded. Digital lines can disrupt power lines.
26th January 2018

Fast fourier transforms with an oscilloscope

What is fast fourier transform and why do I care about it? If there is unwanted frequency content in your design, it could interfere with other components, cause excess noise, or even voltage spikes that can cause your device to malfunction. 
20th December 2017

Taking the mystery out of oscilloscope probing

Differential probes aren't just for differential signals! What is a differential probe? It's a probe designed to measure a differential signal. 
2nd November 2017

What is oscilloscope segmented memory?

Traditionally on an oscilloscope when you capture a long span of data, you sacrifice measurement accuracy. Which means when you zoom back in on that signal, you can’t make accurate measurements because the signal is distorted.
24th October 2017

How to stop people from stealing your oscilloscope probes

Pesky cube-neighbor stealing your probes? Not anymore, thanks to this new video from Keysight.
12th October 2017

How to perform frequency response analysis on an oscilloscope

In this episode of Scopes University, we will learn how to do Frequency Response Analysis, or FRA, on an oscilloscope. This Keysight exclusive application enables you to characterise your device using a Bode plot right on the screen of the oscilloscope.
25th September 2017

Active vs. passive probes - taking the mystery out of probing

When should you use a passive probe or an active probe? Join Ally as she unveils this oscilloscope probing mystery by walking you through the basics of the two main types of oscilloscope probes: passive probes and active probes.
30th August 2017

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