PCIe digitiser meets wide range of embedded OEM applications

Posted By : Mick Elliott
PCIe digitiser meets wide range of embedded OEM applications

The 5310A 10-bit PCIe high-speed digitiser running at 10GS/s has been introduced by Keysight Technologies. With its very-high dynamic range and 10-bit resolution across a wide 2.5 GHz bandwidth, the high-speed digitiser allows the capture of fast transients with high fidelity. This unique ADC card is designed for embedded OEM applications, such as medical research, analytical time-of-flight (MS-TOF), environmental monitoring (LiDAR), ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT), semiconductor testing and distributed strain temperature sensor (DSTS).

Furthermore, the U5310A is ideal for advanced physics experiments using single-shot or event-based applications.

The new digitiser features two channels with 10-bit resolution, simultaneous sampling at up to 5 GS/s, and 10GS/s in interleaved mode. With a DC up to 2.5GHz bandwidth, this digitiser provides on-board real-time averaging at full sampling rate and large 4GB memory.

Keysight developed two new proprietary ICs for the U5310A. The low distortion and low noise LDNA front-end amplifier IC drives the ADC. This key component provides single ended to differential outputs with a distortion from 10 to 15dB lower than the distortion of the ADC—therefore overall performance is not impacted.

Keysight also designed a low noise dedicated QMCK clock IC with very low 25fs jitter. This specific IC drives the two ADCs, minimising jitter. Moreover, the TRAC trigger IC provides time precision of 15ps RMS.

The averager (-AVG) firmware ensures accumulation of a large number of triggers for synchronous real-time sampling at 5GS/s on two channels and 10GS/s when interleaved. Innovative features, such as the unique programmable self-trigger output, optimises the signal-to-noise ratio and increases the ability to measure very small peaks accurately.

This new PCIe high-speed digitiser focuses on interoperability, reusability and upgradability with other U53xxA digitisers. The U5310A’s software driver provides support for multiple programmable interfaces ensuring easy integration of the ADC card into existing environments.


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