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Automotive debug options added to oscilloscopes

Keysight Technologies has introduced CAN FD (controller area network with flexible data rate) and SENT (single edge nibble transmission) decoding and triggering options for its InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series oscilloscopes. The new capabilities improve engineers’ efficiency in debugging CAN FD and SENT serial buses, which are used primarily in automotive applications.
20th October 2014

Infiniium 90000 X-series oscilloscopes

The Keysight 90000 X-series oscilloscope is engineered for 33GHz true analogue bandwidth that delivers:
20th October 2014

Infiniium 9000 series oscilloscopes

This video from Keysight Technologies shows how the Infiniium 9000 series oscilloscopes are engineered for the broadest measurement capability.
20th October 2014

Oscilloscope probe meets DC power-rail measurement demands

Oscilloscope probe meets DC power-rail measurement demands
Keysight Technologies has launched a high bandwidth, low noise oscilloscope probe for making power integrity measurements to characterise DC power rails. The N7020A power-rail probe specifications are tailored for a wide variety of DC power-rail measurements. Probe specifications include very low noise, a large ± 24-V offset range and 2-GHz bandwidth.
10th October 2014

Handheld analysers embrace satellite maintenance

Handheld analysers embrace satellite maintenance
A solution that provides satellite ground station maintenance in the aerospace/defense and commercial markets is how Keysight Technologies describes its FieldFox handheld combination analysers. The analysers offer the precision, frequency coverage (up to 26.5 GHz), and all-in-one capability (e.g., spectrum analyser, full 2-port vector network analyser and power meter) needed to perform a range of benchtop-quality measurements in difficult test environments.
10th September 2014

DDR4 BGA probe interposer solution enhances scopes

DDR4 BGA probe interposer solution enhances scopes
Keysight Technologies has introduced DDR4 ball-grid array (BGA) probe interposer solutions for its Infiniium Series oscilloscopes. Engineers can use the probes and oscilloscopes for debugging and characterising DDR4 memory designs and testing device compliance with the JEDEC DDR4 standard.
3rd September 2014

Frequency domain analysis extended for real-time oscilloscopes

Keysight Technologies has introduced a spectrum frequency domain analysis application solution for real-time oscilloscopes. The FDA option extends the capabilities of Keysight Infiniium and InfiniiVision Series oscilloscopes by enabling engineers to acquire live signals from the oscilloscope and visualise them in the frequency domain as well as make key frequency domain measurements.
19th August 2014

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