USB measurement platform boosts design, test efficiency

Posted By : Mick Elliott
USB measurement platform boosts design, test efficiency

A measurement platform that ensures consistent, repeatable results across all phases of design has been unveiled by Keysight Technologies. The Keysight Streamline Series is comprised of compact USB instruments: vector network analysers (VNAs), oscilloscopes and an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) that leverage Keysight technologies, measurement algorithms, and application software.

Controlled via PC through a USB connection these instruments help users save space on the test bench and are easily shared among members of a development team. The small rack size makes them ideal for manual or semi-automated testing in design-validation and light-manufacturing applications.

The platform is available in three models.

The P937xA models are compact two-port VNAs with frequency coverage up to 26.5GHz. All are designed to excel in the testing of passive devices such as antennas, filters and duplexers. Running on a host PC, the context-sensitive user interface is identical to that of Keysight’s latest benchtop VNAs.

The P924xA high-performance ocilloscopes provide full measurement functionality along with advanced triggering, rapid waveform updates, and popular features such as zone triggering. With the Keysight InfiniiVision interface running on the user’s PC, the look and feel is consistent with familiar benchtop oscilloscopes.

Using Keysight-exclusive Trueform waveform generation, the P9336A three-channel AWG provides 16-bit resolution with maximum analysis bandwidth of 540MHz and maximum onboard memory of 4GB.

Applications range from general-purpose testing to complex I/Q signal generation for characterisation of transceivers and modulators.

To simplify signal creation, the USB AWG is compatible with Keysight Signal Studio software.

“The Keysight Streamline Series platform enables organisations to address the ever-increasing pressure to stay productive, optimise resources and meet tight deadlines in creating new electronic devices,” said Dave Cipriani, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s oscilloscope business. “Customers can now move confidently across every stage of their product lifecycle by leveraging accurate, repeatable results from whichever form factor they need: compact USB, modular, or benchtop.”


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