Microwave, RF & mmW modelling & circuit design seminar

25th September 2015
Posted By : Barney Scott
Microwave, RF & mmW modelling & circuit design seminar

Keysight Technologies will present its microwave, RF & mmW modelling & circuit design seminar at the University of Surrey on 21st October 2015. Hear the experiences of industry experts engaged in the key stages of RF, microwave and millimeter wave design flow; from semiconductor device measurement and model extraction, through to circuit design and packaging.

This event will be of benefit to engineers, researchers, consultants and managers engaged in the field of high frequency circuit design or semiconductor device characterisation. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the field, there’s something for you.

The day wil kick off with a welcome and introduction session at 9.00, followed by Plextec RFI's Andy Dearn, who will present "MMIC Uniplanar Spiral Baluns and Quad-ring Mixers". RF and microwave diode-based balanced mixers are well suited to realisation in MMIC form. Baluns are a critical component in the design of these balanced mixers. The resultant circuits offer low-cost, high-performance and excellent unit-to-unit reproducibility. The uniplanar nature of the available MMIC processes, together with a requirement for a compact layout to keep down cost, are key challenges for the design of MMIC baluns. The use of spiral baluns can overcome these challenges. This presentation will describe several design approaches for uniplanar spiral baluns. It will present the detailed design and implementation of one example balun and will move on to describe the design of a complete quad-ring diode mixer using spiral baluns. Details of the design, layout and measured performance will be presented.

At 10.00am, Peter King from IDEAL Networks will present "X-band RF Transmitter design". SystemVue RF System Architect enables complete design and simulation of PHY layer for current Standards and proprietary systems. RF transceivers can be architected, individual blocks (eg amps, filters, mixers, PLLs) defined, and end-to-end performance verified with modulation and channel coding. For this presentation, an X-band transmitter shall be constructed in SystemVue and tested with QAM modulation. Key performance metrics (such as ACPR, EVM, spurious) shall be calculated, highlighting how SystemVue far exceeds spreadsheets in right-first-time RF system architecture design.

Keysight's own Dave Morris will take to the stand at 11.00am, discussing the topic of "Advanced simulation techniques". Design trends for ever higher levels of integration and complexity have led to demand for advanced simulation and analysis techniques. This presentation aims to outline advanced simulation techniques which can be used to address considerations such as reliability, production yield and packaging.

Chris Buck of Filtronic will end the morning with "E-Band point to point transceiver development". The design challenges and technology implementation choices of a millimetre wave transceiver subsystem will be discussed.

After lunch, Nick Ridler of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) will present "Challenges to measurement methods as microwave techniques are extended to millimetre and submillimetre wavelengths". The availability of reliable and accurate measurements at microwave frequencies has a long and established history that goes back over several decades. However, today’s technologies are driving the need for these types of measurement to be implemented at much higher frequencies. These technologies include communications, electronics, computing, defence and security. This talk will review how these microwave measurement techniques are being adapted and extended for use at high millimetre-wave frequencies and parts of the submillimetre-wave region (to 1THz and beyond). This includes the use of transmission lines such as coaxial lines, waveguides, co-planar waveguides, etc, and their associated interconnects.

At 2.00pm, Cedric Pujol of Keysight will discuss "Device modeling end-to-end platform for foundries and design centres". This presentation will deal with an overview of a flow proposed by Keysight to model devices covering measurements, characterization and qualification. A first demo will introduce the concepts on how models are created in foundries and a second demo will focus on how design houses are safely adapting foundry models for their own design purposes.

Peter Aaen of the University of Surrey will present the seminar "Multiphysics Modeling and Characterisation of High-Frequency High-Power Devices" at 2.45pm. Microwave circuits, especially power transistors, are essential components of mobile communication as they amplify signals to be transmitted wirelessly from the base-station to subscriber terminals. Their compact design is increasingly difficult, as mobile network operators require operation at higher output power and frequency while simultaneously demanding a reduction in the circuit size. These requirements conflict with one another and the device physics, electromagnetic fields and distributed temperatures co-couple to limit the overall performance. This presentation will summarize activities underway to develop new simulation and measurement methodologies to understand the multiphysics environment and to optimise transistor performance and reliability.

After breaking for coffee at 3.30pm, John Atherton of WIN will discuss "Supporting Customers in Product Development – The Foundry Perspective". WIN Semiconductors is the world’s largest III-V pure play foundry with an extremely broad range of process technologies. Latest processes include built in IP such as ESD protection circuits, Cu pillar and hot via for allow chip-scale packaging, coupled with product, test, inspection and plastic packaging. The technology and customers are all supported with Process Design Kits (PDKs), optimised to work with Keysight’s ADS. This presentation will outline the technology, PDK development, and packaging, and our using our models in EDA tools optimise design and reduce time to market.

After a prize draw, the event will finish at 4.45pm. For more information on the event, or to register, click here.

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