Oscilloscope differential inputs avoids short circuits

Posted By : Mick Elliott
Oscilloscope differential inputs avoids short circuits

The Handyscope HS6 DIFF is a four channel high resolution oscilloscope from Tie Pie engineering with differential inputs. It is available in models with 50MS/s up to 1GS/s sampling rate. The instrument features TiePie engineering's SafeGround technology, differential inputs that can safely be switched to single ended. The benefit is that there are no connections between the channels and the ground of the computer.

This makes it impossible to create a short circuit. A single ended input can be used together with a standard 1:10 oscilloscope probe but a short circuit is simply made. A short circuit can damage a user’s measuring instrument, computer and the device under measurement.

The SafeGround option will disconnect the ground of the input channel without damaging the oscilloscope or PC. Users can switch from a differential input to a single ended input without worrying if anything will damage because of a short circuit current.

TiePie engineering has alsoe designed in its standard CMI (Combining Multiple Instruments) interface on the Handyscope HS6 DIFF.

It allows users to connect more Handyscope HS6-DIFFs together to create an instrument with multiple measuring channels with the same sample frequency (0ppm deviation).

It means the user can easy expand the number of channels without changing software, difficult software settings or buying expensive hardware.


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